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ES Management Report

Energy Storage: Technologies, Applications and Markets

We are engaged in a multi-year study of the storage sector, covering stationary and motive power applications. This will culminate with a new 300-page report, providing definitive insight into the near-term market and its evolution to 2050.
The focus is on high-energy applications calling for tens of minutes to many hours of power delivery. The study covers all storage technologies in a power range from 1kW up to the GW levels encountered in large utility systems.

The report will examine market drivers associated with:

●  integration of renewables / intermittent resources

●  other supply industry applications (reserve services, load management, smart grid, supply security, weak grid etc)

●  use of storage at end-user sites (high integrity power provision, storage hosting, energy management, cogen, off grid)

●  vehicular and other motive power (materials handling equipment, rail, marine, air transport).

The report will include upwards of 100 tables and charts presenting estimates and forecasts in terms of:

●  MW/year (aggregate rated power), GWh/year (aggregate storage capacity per cycle), value and units

●  market distribution: by territory; application; rating; and technology.

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