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About Us

We work in the energy sector, typically on new technologies associated with the production and provision of grid electricity, but also covering off-grid systems and transportation applications. We prepare multi-client management reports and undertake confidential assignments – usually business studies with a substantial technological content.

At present, most of our resources are committed to two electrical energy storage projects, outlined below. Both have global scope. They will be of interest to the storage community and also to organizations tackling important issues where storage is part of the solution (climate change, renewables integration, supply security, low-carbon transportation…).

We are investigating an intriguing utility-scale energy storage concept GBES. If successful, GBES should have a transformative role in high-power, high-energy applications. Our task involves techno-economic appraisals to help interested parties decide whether there is a valid case for further proof-of-concept and development work.

We are engaged in a multi-year management study of energy storage technologies, applications and markets . This will culminate with a new 300-page report, providing definitive insight into this sector and its evolution over the coming decades.

More information can be found under projects or by following the links above. We will also be very pleased to hear from you if you have any questions or comments about our work, people and clients.