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Frank Escombe, Managing Partner.

Frank is an energy sector veteran, with rather too many decades of experience based on R&D, product development and management consultancy. He has researched and prepared more than 100 reports relating to energy storage, fuel cells, microturbines and other technologies. Most of these reprts have international coverage. Frank has worked in more than 30 countries in North and South America, Africa, Asia and Europe (and in more than 30 states in the USA).

Frank's first energy sector job, almost 60 years ago, was at the recently-established IBM Labs facility at Hursley, back in the days when it was OK for a gap-year lad to work on control systems for the Latina nuclear power station. After graduating, he worked for seven years with CA Parsons (turbogenerators, power transformers and superconductivity, including an exchange period with Brown Boveri – now ABB) before being invited to join the Electrical Research Association’s newly-formed Technology Planning Unit. Work at ERA involved technology forecasting and contract research relating to generating plant from kW to GW ratings; renewable and distributed energy systems; battery technologies; power quality products; electric vehicles and power electronics. Frank left ERA to establish EscoVale in 1977, although the companies continued to collaborate on several projects into the 1990s.

Frank has a Natural Sciences degree from Cambridge University and post-graduate qualifications from the Universities of Aston and Southampton. He holds an Advanced Electrical Machinery Technology diploma and was awarded the Sir Charles Parsons Memorial Prize for R&D on innovative power plant. He is a published author with Elsevier Science & Technology and a speaker at international conferences in Europe and North America.

Partner Organisations

Additional project resources and expertise are available through partnering with organizations such as Swanbarton and Delta Energy & Environment.