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Please contact EscoVale if you would like to discuss a specific assignment, or to obtain full details of current projects. We are working on two related storage studies at present, which are outlined briefly in this section.

The GBES Concept - Ground-Breaking Energy Storage

GBES is a large-scale storage concept that aims to take some of the cost out of pumped hydro storage and, more importantly, to bring it down from the mountains. GBES can be used in flat or hilly terrain; inland or offshore; near load centers, at strategic locations in the grid network or combined with water supply/flood control infrastructure.  more

Energy Storage: Technologies, Applications and Markets

We are engaged in a multi-year study of the storage sector, covering stationary and motive power markets. The focus is on applications calling for tens of minutes to many hours of power delivery. The study covers all storage technologies in a power range from 1kW up to the GW levels encountered in large utility systems.  more